Building Shifting

RR and Sons Building Solutions have a perfect and experienced for all these problems.

All the countries are developing their infrastructure and making national and state highways or extending also. So during this extension of highways, so many buildings, houses and monuments coming in the road lines. Authorities are demolishing all the structures from their territories. Nobody can oppose and stop them we can shift all these building and historical monuments with demolishing from existing place to new destination. We can save our history without technique. RR and Sons have been saved so many historical monuments.

Everyone has a sentimental attachment with their home where they lives, born and grows. Every normal person can make a house one time in his life with all his savings and attachments, but if due to the natural climates, construction failure or development they need to demolish their houses.

What will happen? It’s very painful for them. Nobody can feel their pain and it’s a non-fillable wound. But RR and Sons Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Can give a permanent solution of these types of problems like :-

  • Is your house below the road level ?
  • Is rainy water enters in your house ?
  • Do you wants to shift or move your house building from one place to another ?
  • Is your house tilted at one side due the weakness of foundation ?
  • Do you want a parking in your existing old house ?
  • Do you want to make a basement under your existing building ?

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